We can undertake complete mechanical and body restoration.  Our staff our highly trained and we are very reasonable with our labour rate at £35 per hour.  WE DO NOT overcharge and our mark up on parts is an honest 15% so what is not to like?  



We can help you to evaluate a purchase before you make the final decision.  We can also help you appraise the costs of repair so that you know what you could be in for.



Our body team prepare cars to show condition or better.  We can fix poor repairs and we will always give you a fair appraisal before you start. 



We are happy to continue to service and maintain your pride and joy even if not purchased through us. 


looking for a restomod or just simply upgrading to disc brakes, we can help.  



No one can turn a pigs ear into a silk purse, but we can get close! 



Carb upgrades, exhaust, power braking, seating, electronic ignition and many other modifications can be undertaken by our skilled crew. 

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